Fire Damage

We provide comprehensive fire damage removal services in San Jose and the rest of the Bay Area. Our trained professionals begin with damage reduction procedures to reduce the possible further damage to your home. Then we begin by removing any fire damage to your home. We then use specialized cleaning techniques to remove the toxic chemicals that were produced during the burning of electronics and other home appliances. And finally we use appropriate techniques to remove smoke damage and odors.

We have restored over 9,000 homes in the bay area from fire damage in the last fourteen years of ethical services to the people of San Jose and the Bay Area. You can count on us to restore your home as quickly as possible; our trained professionals are only 15 minutes away from helping you rebuild your home. Give us a call today, you will be glad you did.

San Jose Fire Damage provides stress reduction services, our service allows and enables you to escape from the confinement of an unpleasant situation. Our professional team is on standby at all times and can easily travel to the San Jose area to deal with all kinds of fire damage. Our fire damage team can easily deal with fire remediation and fire restoration.

Fire damage is a difficult thing to assess and remediate oneself. It can be overwhelming and unsafe. Fire damage is challenging to overcome without the aid of professionally trained and certified contractors. At San Jose Fire Damage, we provide an excellent service that helps you move on with your life and let us take over at what we do best- fire damage restoration. After experiencing fire damage, you may be tempted to try and remove it yourself. This is usually a natural and completely appropriate response to a stressful situation. One’s body weighs in and anxiety kicks your brain into high gear to recoup the losses you have suffered. This is a simple knee jerk caused by what is called the loss aversion principle. It is important to stop and let the fire damage service do their job. An untrained attempt at remediation can usually worsen the situation. Similar to a crime scene- the fire remediation professionals and San Jose Fire Damage know how to leave a scene intact for insurance and possibly criminal purposes.

The reason our team at San Jose Fire Damage doesn’t advise a property or homeowner to tackle the restoration themselves is because of safety reasons. There is also the issue arising from non-fire damage.

Smoke, heat, and soot also generate hazardous and difficult to remediate damage. Smoke damage can be potentially toxic. Heat damage can also be dangerous to tackle without the correct equipment. San Jose Fire Damage Restoration protects its employees and client’s belongings by making sure to have everyone in proper gear and take appropriate precautions when handling fire damaged goods.