San Jose Fire and Water Damage has been at the forefront of home restoration in San Jose for the last fourteen years. We have restored over 9,000 homes from fire damage, and over 10,000 homes from water damage and are committed to continue our excellent track record for at least the next two decades. Our general partner, Len Nordeman, is one of the most knowledgeable home restoration specialists in the United States. He teaches home restoration services year round at his own Mold Institute in Burlingame. All of our services are provided with the utmost respect for our customers homes and all business practices are carried out ethically. In the middle of the office we have a sign that says “If it’s illegal or unethical “WE WON’T DO IT”‘. You can rely on us to repair your house.

Not only has San Jose Fire and Water damage been the industry leader, but the mold damage division of our company has also experienced some growth (pardon the pun). The entire Bay Area has been experiencing unprecedented growth even in the face of national economic disaster. The construction industry has been facing unforeseen difficulties and contracting work has been shrinking. Our company has been faced with ethical dilemmas but San Jose Fire and Water Damage sticks to what is right, which is following the law. Contracting work can like the Wild West- unregulated and unsafe. Dealing with water, fire, and mold damage is stressful enough without having to tear your hair out finding a trustworthy company to oversee the restoration project. Between dealing with all of these issues, and juggling the rest of your life, getting the insurance company to call you back and reimburse a water damage claim can seem like a harrowing chore. Once you overcome this exercise in self punishment, our mold remediation technicians can help properly assess and isolate the mold damage in your property and assist in restoring in to proper pre loss conditions.