San Jose Fire and Water Damage

San Jose Fire and Water Damage services has been providing home restoration to the city of San Jose for over fifteen years. Our fully trained professionals are fully aware of the distress involved in such projects and we are here to help you overcome it with as much ease as possible.

Whether your home has been flooded by your neighbors newly installed irrigation system or you have been terrorized by a natural disaster like a hurricane, San Jose water damage is something that you want to deal with right away. San Jose is a very populated area, one of the top 10 populated cities in America. The likelihood of infrastructural problems causing water damage to one’s home or property is above the national average. The longer you wait to take mold and water damage precautions the more it will cost in the end.

In some cases insurance agencies will not cover you if you report water damage within a certain period of time. If it comes too late, or is improperly filed, the insurance companies will not reimburse for the water damage suffered. Depending on which agency you use in San Jose, things can be complicated. San Jose Water Damage makes it easier for our clients by using industry leading software, Xactimate, to fulfill all claims estimation requirements. Insurance agencies require you to take damage mitigation procedures to be eligible for full coverage. Also if you don’t deal with your water damage right away, you are putting your home in risk of being invaded by mold. Mold loves damp, moist environments, like wet plywood, or moist carpets. Once a mold spore, finds such a good spot to start its colony, it spreads very rapidly. When a mold colony begins to grow it begins to release mycotoxins which cause a wide variety of allergic reactions depending on the strand of mold that you are dealing with. Some of the most common symptoms are shortness of breath, which can lead to asthma with long term exposure, coughing, eye irritation, and nervous system damage, which can cause heart problems in the future as well.

Mold damage is something San Jose Water Damage company has worked with in the past. Our owner is a mature and experienced leader in his field. His contracting work is excellent, and he is a personable and ethical gentleman to work for and with. His experience is passed along to the rest of his business and his staff are courteous and professional when dealing with a property or home owners stressful water damage, fire damage, or mold damage remediation situation.

We also provide comprehensive San Jose fire damage restoration services. We begin with damage mitigation techniques, after which we will remove all fire damage as well as smoke damage. Then we will make your home not only look like it did before but also feel that way as well, by removing those toxic odors. Fire damage comes in waves. San Jose fire damage contractors are trained to identify the initial fire damage, soot damage, and smoke damage. Smoke damage is the leading cause- especially when coupled with the burning of synthetic materials. This can be the leading cause of all fire related deaths. It is critical that a fire restoration service is enlisted ot help identify and remediate all needed fire damage goods.

We have restored over 20,000 homes in the last few decades. You can rely on us to repair your home. Our trained professionals have all the knowledge required to provide damage mitigation services required by insurance companies right after damage occurred to provide coverage. We use Xactimate software to calculate the cost of the damages to your home, so you know that we will never over charge for services provided whether you have insurance or not. Fill out this form for a free estimate of damages or give us a call for a free consultation.